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Exchange 3d models


barter 3d models


  "Draghs" - is a barter currency of    1 "Drag" = 1 USD




For any uploaded 3d model (after moderation and placed on sale), You will be once-credited Your balance of its estimated value (cost of sale on the site evaluated by administration) in "Draghs". Your balances in the "Draghs" and "Cash" displayed in your account (available after registration). Balance in "Cash" is highlighted in green, balance in "Draghs" is highlighted in yellow.


For "Draghs" You can buy needed 3d models without any cash. When someone buys your 3d models for "Draghs" You will receive royalties in the "Draghs" tailored to your author rate (more about bonuses, etc. read here ) When you buy 3d models you can pay for them by Your balance sheets. To do this, select the corresponding icon when selecting methods of payment of Your order:



dragpay.png        pay from balance.png



Attention! Cashing of "Drahs" impossible - the currency is only for operations within the site !


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