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Prepare 3d model for upload


Prepare 3d model to upload on site


1) Title 3d models :
Make group from finished 3d model and give to group name according to the following pattern:
Collection - OPERA
Model name (if available) - Magda
Model Number (if available) - 40083
For manufacturers, who have no collections instead of "collection" enter uploadable 3d model's subsection (doors, lighting, accessories , etc.)
Subsection which may include this 3d model - HOME DECORATION
2) Preparation for 3d archive:
Merge helper "" from render scene to your 3d model's scene. In material editor (M) should be only materials belonging to the 3d model. After completion of all the procedures for preparation 3d model, archive 3d model with all textures (Archive). The final archive file should contain ONLY 3d model and textures belonging to it - no additional folders and files. If your 3d model created in 3ds max version above 3ds max2011,  attach to archive file format *.Fbx . To do this - convert your 3d model to Editable poly, and export 3d model in the format *.Fbx using the Export function.


















3) The conditions render 3d models :
As You have noticed all 3d models of our site visualized on the same background - this is our sine qua non. To do this, first download render scene (1.84 mb). Archive created for version 3ds max2011+vray. Merge your finished 3d model to the render scene. Without touching the cameras, rotate 3d model to get the angle for maximum recognition model. Center 3d model concerning view. 3d model or composition must be centered on a framework studio and do not go beyond the blue scope, see photo. If the 3d model has the nuances on the reverse side (eg decorative chair back ), You can fit in view few copies of 3d model from different angles.














































Give to the final render name as well as the 3d model, add brightness and contrast contrast in the frame buffer or Photoshop.











render scene (1.84 mb)




Now You are ready to upload  your 3d model to site 3distributor!




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