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Does 3D models available on your site contain in archive necessary textures and materials? 

Yes, all 3D models provided on our site contain all the necessary textures and materials (vray) in archive. As well, which is very important when working with our 3d models as the "mesh" or "turbo" smoothies are not collapsed in the modifiers stack ! 




What are the available payment options for purchasing? accepts Visa, Visa Electron and American Express credit cards. WebMoney ! Payment is made through the payment system DalPay. DalPay is a secure payment service that processes Credit/Debit card payments. You do not need any additional registration in DalPay, in difference from Paypal. Another option - If you are registered in the Webmoney system you can pay by your WebMoney Purse.


DalPay PayPal
no registration with registration
founded in 2004 founded in 1998
Located in Iceland Located in California


How long does it takes to process the order and get purchased 3d files?
All orders are processed in real time. Download links are active as soon as you return to our site after a successful order processing. If you are a registered user all your completed orders and links are saved in your profile at the page "account".
Are files reviewed or will you accept anything?
Each file goes through a rigorous reviewing process to make sure the quality is top notch. 
Do I retain the rights to my own file?
Yes, it’s your file. We just provide a venue to sell it.
Can my payment rate ever go down?
Your regardless will never decrease lower than the starting regardless(50%).
Who determines the price of my file?
All files are priced by administration, to ensure prices consistently reflect factors such as quality, complexity and potential demand.

How do I prepare my 3D model for sale on 3Distributor?


If your model uses 3rd party plug-ins, create a version of the model that doesn't have these plug-ins. Many customers do not own 3rd party renderers and other plug-ins that you might have used to create or render the model. You can use only VRay or Mental-Ray renderer plug-ins. In the scene must be only model (no cameras or etc.)

Create one general render to recognize model. Package the models and textures for easy download (max ZIP size 25mb). Now you're ready to publish your files for sale. For more information about preparing the model for download read here.




How am I paid?


Accumulation of royalties are paid upon Your request in a period of 7-10 days, by cash or bank transfers, or by Webmoney.


www.megastock.ruHere you can find information as to the passport for our WM-identifier 365001567228




What do I need to do to get paid?


In order to receive royalties/payments, your member profile must be complete.  Once you're login to your 3Distributor account, you will see a section called "Withdraw". Below this you will see "Payments".

Click on [payment options] and this will bring you to the Payment Information screen.


Note: Payment options will not appear until your balance rich at least 20 USD.


Note: If the payments will be refunded in connection with any type of insufficient or invalid data, such as an invalid e-mail and / or PayPal or Webmoney address, your payments will be withheld until your account as a gift will not be filled properly according to the user statute.





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