Request 3d model

Instructions for order 3d models on our website.
Before creating a request for order 3d model check out the quality of 3d models in our base. Prices for 3d models in our base depends on complexity of modeling and time spent on creating 3d models. 3d model of the same price have the same difficulty (time spent). There are exceptions when seemingly simple model could eventually include many nuances, modifications, and so forth., resulting is insignificant increase in the cost.
Time required to build 3d models, depending on their complexity:
  • 3d models for cost 0,5-2,5$  ~1 business days needed
  • 3d models for cost 3,0-5,0$  ~1.5 business days needed
  • 3d models for cost 5,5-7,0$  ~2 business days needed
  • 3d models for value above 7$ are negotiated individually
IMPORTANT! Price for ordered 3d model are x6 times expensive base price!
For example, you need 3d model of a chair, similar in complexity with a chair from our base. Price for chair in our database is 3 USD. Considering the above, order similar in complexity 3d model will cost ~18 USD and ordered 3d model will be posted to the database within ~1.5 working days! After the first purchase 3d models for x6's price, it price will automatically decreases to base price, to match prices of 3d models from our base.
To order 3d models write us (topic "order 3d model") or click on the link, fill all fields in "Blank Form". After processing your request, you will receive a letter from administration to your mail used to register and will begin process of creating 3d model by Your reguest.