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User Agreement
Posted on 6th July 2014
P. Rustam DBA 3Distributor 
Baku, Azerbaijan.
Welcome to 3distributor.com. To continue work need to read this User Agreement and accept its terms.
This User Agreement ("Agreement"), including the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, is between
1) P. Rustam ("3Distributor") a developer and administrator of the resource 3Distributor.com, on the one side, and
2) The user of the Internet, your customers - an individual who has reached the age of 14 (fourteen) years (the "User"), on the other side,
as follows:
1. Definitions of key terms of the Agreement:
   1.1. "Accept" - taking any and all terms of this Agreement by the User of the register on the site.
   1.2. "Registration" - the successful completion by the User registration form on the site allows you to create a user account.
   1.3. "Account" - a set of data about users, including information provided by the user and internal information about the Service User.
   1.4. "Content" Content-clip site, including pictures taken by the User and the Site Materials other acceptable formats, content posted by users on the site and available to an unlimited number of visitors to the Site.
   1.5. "Service" ("Services") - a set of technical and technological features of the site, provided by the 3Distributor after the acceptance of the User Agreement.
   1.6. "Software" - software for electronic computer, database, ensure the functioning of the Site and storage of relevant information, including those generated by programs such audiovisual displays.
2. The subject of this Agreement:
   2.1. In accordance with this Agreement, the 3Distributor grants the User Tools, and User accept it for temporary use during the term of this Agreement.
   2.2. This Agreement shall be considered by the Parties from and received only in conjunction with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the Agreement.
   2.3. User acknowledges that the Website and the Service are challenging the results of intellectual (creative) and accepts service "as is." User has the right to refuse use of the Site and Service at any time for any reason.
   2.4. The terms of this Agreement governing the placement of materials and use of the Service are required for the user from the time of registration.
   2.5. 3Distributor has the right not to provide any possible service Non-registered users.
3. The rights and obligations of the 3distributor:
   3.1. The 3Distributor is entitled to improve service and expand its capabilities.
   3.2. The 3Distributor has the right to notify users of new service opportunities by e-mail indicated that user.
   3.3. The 3Distributor may, without the consent of the user to modify the Site in any manner at its sole discretion, including changing the design of the site, the terms of the Services, to add new services, discontinue the service, and to interrupt access to the site in the course of the 3distributor's activities mentioned above.
If you disable access to the Site and / or Services for a considerable period of time (over 24 hours), the 3Distributor will make every effort to notify the user.
   3.4. The 3Distributor has the right to publicize and promote the sites and services; may place advertising materials on any page of the Site, including, but not limited to contextual advertising, banner ads, interactive video, animation and other commercials.
   3.5. The 3Distributor is entitled to refuse the User Registration, temporarily suspend a user account or delete a user account without warning and explanation.
   3.6. The 3Distributor reserves the right to unilaterally and without prior notice to change the terms of this Agreement by posting an updated version of the Agreement on the Web site pages.
   3.7. The 3Distributor has the right to apply to a user violates the terms of this Agreement, the Agreement provided for sanctions
   3.8. The 3Distributor shall use its best it measures to ensure the confidentiality of personal data of the user specified during registration, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
The 3Distributor has the right to record, reproduce, copy, store, process, and otherwise use the personal data, and will not provide it to any third party without the appropriate regulations (government agency, court order or other legal reasons).
   3.9. The 3Distributor has the right to control the content of materials, including changing or editing materials of their choice, without the user's approval, as well as the removal of material without warning at any time. User agrees that the 3Distributor is not required to identify the user, including by placing his name, contact information and / or photos.
   3.10. The parties agree that the Site and Services are complex intellectual products, and place materials become part of these products. In this connection, the user acknowledges that the exclusive copyright of the composite (complex) product, including the User Content and other visitors to the Site, fully owned by the 3Distributor.
4. The rights and obligations of the User:
   4.1. The User warrants that his age is more than 14 (fourteen) full years.
   4.2. User is entitled to use the Site and Services in accordance with this Agreement.
   4.3. User is entitled to examine any information Site. User acknowledges that access to certain kinds of information can be limited due to the need to perform additional administrative and technical or legal procedures defined by the 3Distributor and / or the Terms of Service, as well as failures in the Service.
   4.4. User, after the registration on the site, may place on the Site, the content of which is fully consistent with the terms of the site, as well as:
       - are not obscene, defamatory, vulgar, harmful, threatening, libelous, false or pornographic;
       - do not have the ability to target and harm the honor, dignity or reputation of others (including not contain unfounded judgments against third parties, unverified facts, such references to third parties, which may adversely affect the demand for their services, work, services);
       - not stir up religious, racial, ethnic or national hatred;
       - do not contain elements of violence;
       - do not contain unauthorized borrowing, plagiarism, violation of the right to a name, otherwise violate statutory rights to results of intellectual activity and means of individualization of the 3Distributor and third parties (copyrights, related, patent, rights in know-how, trademark, etc. etc.), in particular, do not copy other material on this Website are not the User;
       - do not violate the rights of minors, their guardians and representatives;
       - do not contain information constituting commercial, official, medical, banking and other secrets, as well as other information, to which access is limited;
       - do not contain software viruses or any other computer code, programs, files, designed to violate the functionality of any technical device (computer, telecommunication equipment, etc.);
       - no ads, unless agreed with the 3Distributor;
   4.5. The user is fully and personally liable for the content, for their compliance with international law.
   4.6. User may not in bad faith (without permission) to copy and borrow materials from other Internet resources, media or other sources of information, post them on the site. The user is fully responsible for the violation of intellectual property laws.
   4.7. The User warrants that he is the author and sole legitimate holder of the exclusive right to use materials published by the User on the Site, and no other person will not make claims (claims) to the 3Distributor regarding the use of materials on this site.
   4.8. The user is obliged to ensure the confidentiality and security of your account is not transferable username and password to access the site. User is solely responsible for all activities that occur under their account.
   4.9. User may contact the 3Distributor with requests, suggestions, questions and complaints about the work sites and services, as well as in other cases, where necessary operative communication with a specialist 3Distributor or software developer site, as provided by the Agreement.
   4.10. The user is obliged to immediately inform the 3Distributor in case of:
       - if the actions of another registered user finds a violation of the terms of this Agreement;
       - detect copying and use of the information the site content including some material on other websites.
5. Limitation of liability:
   5.1. Since the use of the Website and the Service, User understands that their work may arise technical errors and faults, and also recognizes that the author of the software 3Distributor sites not liable for any consequences of the Site and Service, for the user's performance when use of relevant sites and Service User goals.
   5.2. The 3Distributor assumes no liability in connection with any distortion, alteration, illusion display User Materials on the Site, even if it caused a negative judgment to the user.
   5.3. User acknowledges that the 3Distributor providing the Site and Service, however, is not responsible for its smooth operation, for the loss of materials, with the occurrence of any other inconveniences and losses at this site.
   5.4. The 3Distributor is not responsible for non-performance or improper performance of its obligations due to disruptions that have occurred in the telecommunications and energy networks of malicious programs, as well as unscrupulous actions of third parties aimed at unauthorized access and / or disabling of the Software and / or hardware system 3Distributor.
   5.5. Contents of this site is for informational purposes only. The management is not responsible for inaccurate data. The 3Distributor assumes no liability for any losses that may result from use of the information from the Site.
6. Intellectual property:
   6.1. This Agreement, the User may use the Website, Service and Software on the terms of this Agreement during its term.
   6.2. User confirms that it will use software that is integrated into the site, except in accordance with this User Agreement, and will not carry out attempts to "open code", copy, emulate, create new versions, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile , disassemble, otherwise use the source code and object code of the Software without written permission.
   6.3. User acknowledges that the exclusive right (in its entirety), as these products and their component parts and derivative products held by the 3Distributor. At the same time, at the time of posting on the site, the user allows the 3Distributor to use these materials in every way (including the right to carry out, authorize or prohibit their reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, etc., including anonymously - without identifying Account information). The User warrants to refrain from placing similar information on other websites, and authorizes the 3Distributor to protect the rights to the User Materials, including non-contractual stop their use by third parties.
7. Users' responsibility:
     7.1. In the presence of the User Materials, the 3Distributor believes have signs of this Agreement, the 3Distributor may choose to take sanctions including, but not limited to:
       - directing users warning
       - blocking user accounts, including without possibility of re-registering on the Website;
     7.3. The 3Distributor has the right to remove or block any User Materials, as well - to remove or disable a user account without warning or explanation.
     7.4. For the use of the Site, the Service or the Software in ways not provided for in this Agreement, violate the rights of the 3Distributor or third parties, the User will result in civil, administrative and criminal liability.
     7.5. In the event the 3distributor's legitimate claims, demands and / or claims related to the illegal use of models posted by users in the database, the user is involved in the resolution of issues related to these requirements. If the 3Distributor as a result of valid claims (claims) incurred by any third party damages, including the costs of the representative, paid in court or out of court awards, as well as loss of earnings, the User agrees to fully indemnify the 3Distributor.
      7.6. In the event the 3distributor's reasonable legal actions, the User agrees to address the court on the side of the respondent 3Distributor to confirm the rights granted to the 3Distributor on the model.
8. Complaints and queries:
   8.1. Questions, suggestions, comments, complaints and other messages to users on the Site or the Service, the 3Distributor sent the following e-mail: admin@3distributor.com or through the contact form located at Address https://www.3distributor.com/Feedback
   8.2. The 3Distributor is not responsible for getting you to answer his request. If there is no response by the User to the 3Distributor within 30 days of receipt of the request by the 3Distributor, the user sends a second request to the postal address of the 3Distributor set forth below in its essential elements, by registered mail, return receipt requested.
   8.3. Messages to the 3Distributor that do not allow us to identify users, the 3Distributor shall not be considered.
   8.4. If the user does not agree with the reasons of the 3distributor's response, he may send the 3Distributor a further letter detailing the situation and / or issue and / or suggestions.
   8.5. Any claims of the User, directly addressed to the 3Distributor and / or related to the Site shall be settled out of court by the above procedure for the exchange of written communications.
   8.6. When failure to settle claims or disputes by negotiation, they shall be settled in the manner prescribed by the civil procedural law, by the law of the location of the 3Distributor (the contractual
9. This Agreement:
   9.1. This Agreement is concluded for a period of time - from the moment of its acceptance by the User prior to the date of the user account.
   9.2. User acceptance of provisions of the new Agreement, shall be accepted in the order of 3.6 of the Agreement are required to continue the user account.
   9.3. User has the right to refuse to accept the new version of this Agreement at the time of notice to users of the change agreement that will result in immediate deactivation of the Account. And the 3Distributor reserves the right to store data about the user in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
   9.4. User may get acquainted with the current version of the Agreement by going to the web page site https://www.3distributor.com/user-agreement
10. Limitation of liability:
   10.1. Using Site and Service, users understand that in their work may arise technical errors and malfunctions, and also recognizes that the author of the software 3Distributor site not liable for any consequences of the site and the Service, after the user's performance during use, the Site for compliance and purpose service manual. 
   10.2. 3Distributor to provide operation of the site and service, however, not responsible for its smooth operation, for the loss of materials, with the occurrence of any other inconveniences and losses at this site.
   10.3. 3Distributor is not responsible for failure to fulfill or improper fulfillment of their obligations due to failures that occurred in the telecommunication and energy networks, malware activity, and third party fraud aimed for unauthorised access to the software or hardware sector 3Distributor.
   10.4. Contents of the site is for informational purposes. The management is not responsible for inaccuracies data. 3Distributor shall not be liable for any damages that may result from the use of information from this site.
Posted on 6th July 2014
P. Rustam DBA 3Distributor 
Baku, Azerbaijan.

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